Capcom wants your opinion on a Resident Evil 2 remake

Resident Evil 2 (Cover-Leon-Claire)

A few weeks ago a video emerged showing footage from an unofficial fan made Resident Evil 2 remake, using Unreal Engine 4. Given the huge response to this, it would appear that Capcom have also noticed it, prompting them to ask fans for their opinion on a Resident Evil 2 remake.

The unofficial Resident Evil 2 Reborn project came about from a group of fans at the Italian studio InvaderGames. They stated that the aim of the project was to “create a game that deepens and expands the experience of the original Resident Evil 2, giving to the player a new game that combines the old soul of the original to new and interesting features written from scratch.”

When compared to the original, as well as the spruced up graphics, one of the major differences is that there are no fixed camera angles, instead playing like Resident Evil 4, with the camera over the shoulder. InvaderGames had intended to release it for free this summer.

However, as a likely response to the project, Capcom’s research and development department have now taken to Facebook, asking fans on the official Resident Evil page for their “honest and frank opinion” on a Resident Evil 2 remake:

“Hello Resident Evil fans! This is Capcom R&D Division 1!

First off, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to all Resident Evil fans, for your passion, enthusiasm and continued support for the Resident Evil brand.

Enthusiasm for a Resident Evil 2 Remake is something we’ve been hearing from you over the years, and has drawn some recent attention in the media.

However, as the team owns the RE brand, we’re not certain how we feel about this approach, and would like to ask your honest and frank opinion about the “Resident Evil 2 Remake” and what the brand identity is supposed to be about?”

Capcom released an HD port of the GameCube’s Resident Evil on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC earlier this year, with sales passing the one million mark. Due to its success they have recently announced an HD port for Resident Evil Zero. But a remake of Resident Evil 2 appears to be what fans want the most.

Back at MCM London in October 2014, the possibility of a Resident Evil 2 remake was put forward to Capcom UK’s community manager Neil ‘Gortz’ Gorton when playing through Resident Evil HD. He noted how if Resident Evil HD sold well and “people really want us to go back to that, you could get that if those are the games [they want].” The recent response from Capcom would show that they are taking on board fan feedback.

Do you want a Resident Evil 2 remake? If the answer is yes, then be sure to let Capcom know.

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