Unexpectedly Great Scream MTV Series Given Second Season

Scream-TV 1

You don’t expect MTV movie spin-offs to be good. Surely small screen rehashes of lurid movie franchises made by the channel designed to appeal to teenagers with goldfish attention spans have to be noisy, vacuous trash?

But somehow MTV managed to make a decent series out of cheesy property like Teen Wolf, making it the best high school supernatural drama since Buffy. And now the network has done it again with the Scream TV series, which has been winning over critics and audiences with an ingenious re-invention of the self-aware slasher movie series. With the film series’ creator Kevin Williamson on-board and in charge of the plotting the show is clever, twisty and full of pop culture references (these kids watch Bates Motel, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones and Hannibal) and plays with expectations of just how a slasher movie format can be turned into a TV series.

Scream TV 2And after just five episodes, Scream has been given the greenlight for a second season already. And well-deserved that is too. The TV series, which deals with cyberbullying as well as a serial killer, currently stars Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna, Amadeus Serafini, Connor Weil, Carlson Young, Jason Wiles and Tracy Middendorf. We say “currently” because there’s no telling who’s going to make it to a second season. Genuinely.

Apparently the first season’s serial killer will be revealed in the season finale and the producers. Executive producer Jaime Paglia says “there will be satisfying answers…and bigger questions and mysteries that will be explored in season two.”

The big question is, then, can MTV pull off the trick again with The Shannara Chronicles, its adaptation of the Terry Brooks fantasy book series? All the prepublicity makes the show look like a wearyingly generic fantasy runabout, but after Teen Wolf and Scream, maybe MTV has managed to put a unique spin on this genre too? Hopefully.

The Shannara Chronicles mtv

The Shannara Chronicles

The remaining question, then, is when are we going to get to see Scream in the UK?

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