The Returned (French Version) Season 2 Trailer

French channel Canal+ has revealed a trailer for season two of its spooky supernatural drama The Returned. You remember? The stylish, glacially paced show that Channel 4 showed what seems like centuries ago (it was actually summer 2013) about a town in a remote, mountainous region where the dead come back to life. Not as zombies – they’re apparently normal – but then things went very odd and it all ended with an episode that answered nothing and raised a whole load more questions. Which may or may not be answered in season two. We wouldn’t lay any bets on it.

Season two of The Returned (or Les Revenants in its original tongue) will once again air on Channel 4 in the UK though no broadcast date has been announced yet.

According to the official press release: “Six months have passed since the Returned gathered one night, before disappearing into the mountain, taking Simon, Camille and her mother, Julie and the mysterious little Victor with them. Since then there has been no news of them.

“Today, Adele is about to give birth to Simon’s child. Part of the city is still flooded. The dam was under surveillance, and the army provides logistical support to the people who made the choice to stay. Rumours circulated about a return of the dead, but the authorities didn’t believe it. The few witnesses have stayed silent.

“Among them are Lena and her father Jerome, who have not given up on finding Camille and Claire. An unknown man arrives in the town. His name is Berg, and he seems to know more than he lets on. It is then that a new wave of resurrections happens…”

Not to be confused the dull US remake also called The Returned which never managed to get to season two anyway, or Resurrection, another US show which was based on an unconnected book called The Returned which had virtually the same premise and did get to a second season despite being utter bobbins. [via CultBox]

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