William Shatner Wants You To Help Him Salute Leonard Nimoy

William Shanter is asking for your help in creating a tribute to his Star Trek friend and colleague Leonard Nimoy, who died earlier this year at the age of 83.

The Kirk actor Tweeted a request for people to send him selfies of them doing the Vulcan salute – aka the LLAP (Live Long And Prosper sign) made famous by Nimoy’s Star Trek character Mr Spock.

“I need everyone’s help,” Shatner tweeted. “Take a selfie of you doing the LLAP sign and email the photo to NIMOYTribute@gmail.com.”

On the subject of Shatner, have you seen his advert for the US broadcast of The Clangers? If not, correct that situation now. It’s typically Shatner-esque, done in the style of his famous infamous, spoken-word “Rocket Man” and “Common People”. Shatner narrates the series in the States, rather than Michael Palin.

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