What Star Wars Battlefront In Fighter Squadron Mode Looks Like

Star Wars Battlefront

EA and DICE have released a video of their press presentation for Star Wars Battlefront at gamescon revealing a new game mode. “Fighter Squadron” is a 20-player dog fight featuring the iconic starships from Star Wars including the X-Wing, A-Wing, Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor.

In addition, the developers confirmed that the planet Sullust, which houses the Empire’s various ships, will be a playable map in the new game.

Star Wars Battlefront will allow fans to live out a wide range of Star Wars experiences including firing blasters, riding speeder bikes and snow speeders, commanding AT-ATs and piloting TIE fighters and the Millennium Falcon in battles taking place on iconic planets such as Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and more. Star Wars Battlefront will also feature a wide range of modes tailored for different types of battles, from larger 40-person competitive multiplayer to crafted solo missions.

Star Wars Battlefront is released in the UK on 20 November on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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