Clark Gregg and Elizabeth Henstridge On Agents Of SHIELD Season Three

Clark Gregg – Agent Coulson in Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD – has told Comic Book Resources that he’ll probably have more than one prosthetic arm in season three to replace the limb he lost at the end of season two.


“The thing about the Marvel Universe is, even if you don’t have a hand, you can rest assured, you’re going to get one,” says Gregg. “I do know that he starts off with a kind of prosthetic and I have a feeling it’s not the last prosthetic you’ll see.”

We’re still betting that old pal Tony Stark will have a hand in creating something for him. In which case… Coulson with repulsor beams, anybody?

He goes on to say, “I mean, I’m such a Star Wars fan, that at first I thought they just did that for me because I wanted to be like Luke Skywalker. But I don’t know. I think it’s something that they very specifically came up with for our show. I mean, once you’ve killed somebody off, what else can you do to him? Well, that’s something. That’s a real loss.”

He also had this to say about Constance Zimmer, who has been cast in the show as a Government-backed Inhuman hunter, having just filmed the first episode: “I was lucky to be working with a new actor on a show today, Constance Zimmer, who I’m a huge fan of, and just to have that kind of meaty stuff to do with a really heavyweight actress like that, who’s as formidable as Coulson is, as far as I can tell already, it’s really a thrill. I love the way they write women. I love that that’s an envelope that they keep pushing. It seems to be at a certain point that all the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and certainly on our show, are going to be women. And that works for me… There are a lot of things about her that make her feel like a very similar character to Coulson in some ways. There’s a lot they have in common, and some very specific things that they do not.”

He also teases that, “It’s hard not to feel like we’re getting some hints of things that are similar to what goes on in Captain America: Civil War,” and also admits that a Daredevil/Agents Of SHIELD crossover would be tricky to pull off as they are very different in tone: “If we tried to make our show like Daredevil, I think we’d fail. I look forward to seeing how both shows evolve within their own universe, and I pray for the day Agent Coulson gets to have a chat with Daredevil.”

Read the full interview here.

Elizabeth Henstridge has confirmed that Simmons will swiftly return in season three despite having been eaten by a rock at the end of season two.

“We’re going to find out what happened to Simmons pretty quickly,” she tells TVLine. “She’s definitely changed by the experience and what’s happened to her is going to impact the season — kind of as a theme or something like that.”

As to what actually happened to her, Henstridge remains coy but teases, “I didn’t think that they’d go that far with it, honestly. I thought, ‘She’s probably just inside the rock. Stuck.’ But all my ideas are quite boring. The writers’ imaginations are much better than mine.”




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