Angel’s Caged In Latest X-Men: Apocalypse Set Pic

The first rule of Mutant Fight Club is you social network the hell out of it so everyone knows about Mutant Fight Club. In the latest Instagram photo from director Bryan Singer from the set of X-Men: Apocalypse – which ties in with some concept art released months back – Angel appears to be taking part in some illegal, underground mutant cage-fighting.

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Singer’s tag says 1982, but most of the film is reported to be set in 1983, so could this be part of a prologue? Angel, who was one of the original X-Men in the comics but has been sadly underused in the films, is apparently one of the bad guys in Apocalypse (which ties in with the comics where he was one of Apocalypse’s gang briefly in the ’80s). Ben Hardy, who plays him, said at San Diego Comic-Con that Angel is like “every angry or bitter thought I’ve ever had embodied in one person.” Let’s hope he ends up on the side of the angels, though, eh? And quite how this all links up with the Angel we saw in X-Men: The Last Stand… well, does anybody care?

Angel concept art

Angel concept art

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