Brent Spiner Joins TV Adaptation Of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast

Outcast_comic_coverThe TV version of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s other current comic, Outcast, steps closer to reality with six more casting announcements, including Star Trek: The Next Generation legend Brent Spiner.

The comic, which started publishing last year, is a supernatural tale of a man, Kyle Barnes, whose loved ones keep seeming to be possessed by demons. Figuring an appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show isn’t going to help he sets out to discover what lies behind the supernatural manifestations and why he’s been targeted.

Among the stars already announced for Outcast are Patrick Fugit (as Barnes), Philip Glenister (as Reverend Anderson) and Gabriel Bateman in the cast list. Now, courtesy of TV Line, we can add to that list:


• Brent Spiner as Sidney, who “appears in Rome soon after Kyle and Reverend Anderson successfully exorcise little Joshua Austin, his dapper appearance and smiling demeanor hide a malevolence.”

• David Denman (The Office) as Mark Holter, the husband of Kyle’s sister Megan.

• Melinda McGraw (NCIS) as Patricia MacCready, a “single mother and devout member of Rome’s Light of God Baptist Church and a regular at Reverend Anderson’s church teas.”

• Lee Tergesen (The Americans) as Blake Morrow, a former police officer on death row for murdering his partner’s wife.

• Grace Zabriskie (Big Love) as Mildred, “one of the old guard of parishioners at Anderson’s church. Full of spit and vinegar, Mildred lives alone and says what’s on her mind.”

• Catherine Dent (The Shield) as Janet Anderson, “the ex-wife of Reverend Anderson. Their marriage was shattered by Anderson’s obsession with battling the forces of darkness, but she still can’t help but feel affection and sympathy for the man she once loved, the father of the her child.”

Our main worry about the show is whether Philip Glenister is going to attempt that dreadful American accent again that he adopted for ITV’s Demons (remember that?).

Outcast will premiere next year in the States. Ten episodes have been commissioned.


Brent Spiner as he appeared in Warehouse 13


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