Max Landis Posts The First Four Pages Of His Fantastic Four Script

After posting recently about the challenges that Fantastic Four director Josh Trank faced as an inexperienced filmmaker trying to bring a major franchise to screen, Chronicle scriptwriter Max Landis has Tweeted the first four pages of a Fantastic Four script he wrote four years ago.


First impressions… it’s much nearer the comics’ version of events and a lot more fun as a curtain-raiser.

It seems an odd thing to do, though, after Landis appeared to be – in a lukewarm way – defending Trank in his Tweets last week. Now he’s revealing that he wrote a far more fan-friendly version of the film, which is bound to get the internet-übermind going, “Why didn’t this film get made?” thus fanning the flames controversy. Landis doesn’t make it explicit that this script was written for Trank to possibly direct, but as it was done “four years ago” the timing is right. And there were rumours at the time that Landis had submitted a script. So the question would be… who decided not to go with this more trad approach? Trank or the studio?

On the other hand, when someone replied to Landis saying that posting the script was in bad taste he replied it was something he just “wrote for fun”.

So, is the Landis script just a vanity project? And even if it is, what do think of this alternative opening?




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