Is It Straight Outta Space Next For Straight Outta Compton Director?

Okay, we admit it. The main reason we want to run this story is so that we can be the last people on the planet (except that buddhist up a pole in Tibet) to use the Straight Outta Compton customisable logo generator. But that movie’s director F Gary Gray has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s researching for an upcoming sci-fi movie. So let’s get the gag “outta” the way…


Anyway, Gray says, “I’m really, really heavily researching a sci-fi movie. I have a huge telescope and I stargaze. I marvel when I study the moon and think of stories about colonising Mars.”

Apparently Gray is a Cosmos fan and spent his downtime during filming Straight Outta Compton checking out the NASA New Horizons spacecraft’s Pluto images.

So this could be – gasp – a scientifically accurate sci-fi film. That’ll never do.


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