Still No Images Of The Costume But Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange Video

Yesterday Marvel and Disney held a presentation at Disney’s D23 event bigging up Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, specifically. There was some footage shown; none of that has been released yet. This lead to a whole bunch of film websites all running headlines and links rather misleadingly saying things like, “Doctor Strange Costume revealed.” Well, yeah it was, but not on their sites it wasn’t. #clickbait

Anyway, Marvel has now released footage from that panel… with all the film footage and preview material removed. Well, some people paid a lot to be there, so it’s only fair they can have bragging rights for a while.

Anyway, here’s the vid. There’s still some great snippets in there. Oh, and Benedict’s message starts at 1:01, by the way.

By all reports the video footage of the concept art for Doctor Strange featured a narration by director Scott Derrickson saying, “He’s the top neurosurgeon in the world but has a car accident that mangles his hands. He goes on a quest looking for healing, looking to recover and meets the Ancient One.” The accompanying art showed Doctor Strange – in a costume surprisingly similar to the one in the comics – going to the Far East, then being transported to multiple dimensions, plus cars flying through the air in a city, Baron Mordo and the full on red caped look straight out of the comics.

The Captain America: Civil War footage featured Falcon in a new costume with a robot Redwing (his real falcon partner in the comics), Ant-Man shaking Cap’s hand a lot, some Hawkeye/Black Widow action and a brief look at Black Panther.

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