Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Best Star Wars Film Ever” Says Legendary Poster Artist

Star_wars_the_force_awakens_posterDrew Struzan, the legendary artist behind some of the most iconic Star Wars posters, reckons that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, is the greatest Star Wars film yet.

The artist, who has been crafting Star Wars posters for every film in the franchise since 1977, has created a special poster for The Force Awakens that was given out to attendees at Disney’s D23 event last week (left), has told Movie Weekly:

“I’ve never worked with JJ Abrams before and so we started working on it and he showed me like half the movie and it was just… a wonderful film and I know it’s going to be grand. I got to read the script and subsequently I’ve seen half of it and I can tell you and the fans this, honest to god, it is far and away probably going to be THE BEST Star Wars you’ve ever seen… It’s beautifully made and it’s a wonderful story.”

That’s a glowing endorsement from a man who must have a lot of loyalty to George Lucas considering the amount of work Lucas has thrown his way over the years (he has provided posters for all the Indiana Jones films too)… no axe to grind there. He may not have seen the whole film but you can tell he’s genuinely excited.

You can learn more about Struzan and a whole host of other sci-fi poster artists in this brilliant book, by the way… (we may be biased)


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