Two High Concept Episodes For Doctor Who Series 9

Series nine of new Doctor Who is set to have two highly unusual episodes, according to reports in The Daily Star, Den Of Geek and Blogtor Who. One will be “found footage” episode, the other will feature Peter Capaldi and no other characters at all.


The Capaldi-only story looks set to be the first part of the two-part season finale. “Doctor Who has always been about taking risks,” executive producer Brian Minchin tells The Daily Star. “It’s never sat down and done a normal episode. It’s always done something extraordinary. Our audience likes to be challenged.”

According to Blogtor Who this is the episode director Rachel Talalay called, “one of the most complicated and different episodes that I’ve ever done.”

Meanwhile episode nine, the one written by Mark Gatiss, is reported to be a found footage affair, compiled from film clips shot by “the Doctor’s followers”. Hmmm, will this be the return of LINDA (London Investigation ’N’ Detective Agency)? Apparently, says Den Of Geek, Minchin has suggested that the Doctor Who team are “considering not even having opening titles and just running the footage.”

Experimental? Brave? Madness? Whatever, it’s making this series sound very, very interesting indeed.


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