Zachary Quinto On Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin

Seems like there’s a whole new vibe on the Star Trek movie set under the guidance of the franchise’s new director for Star Trek Beyond, Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6… Damn, they should have just called the new film Fast Star Trek!).


And according to Zachary Quinto (who plays Mr Spock, of course) Lin’s style of directing is very different to JJ Abrams’s.

Quinto tells MTV, “Invariably there’s going to be a different vibe when you remove someone as gregarious and outgoing and talented as JJ.”

Not that this is bad thing, he stresses. “Justin has come in with this really interesting and confident energy that’s a little bit more reserved and a little bit quieter, but also very powerful and really sure-handed. He knows exactly what he wants this movie to look like, and that’s really exciting.”

Star Trek Beyond, from a script by Simon Pegg, is due for release in July 2016 – the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.  Principal photography began on 25 June in Vancouver.

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