Image Of The Week: Wonder Woman Officiates At Same Sex Marriage

Ever since she was created by William Moulton Marston in 1941 Wonder Woman has been one of the most politically and socially progressive superheroes, a symbol for feminism long before the bra-burning ’60s. And that proud tradition continues as she becomes the first superhero to officiate at a same sex marriage in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Chapter 48.


The issue was written and illustrated by DC newcomer Jason Badower who tells The Huffington Post that given Wonder Woman’s origins on the all-female Paradise Island, it made sense for the character to tie the knot between two women.

“I saw this Wonder Woman story as an incredible opportunity to have one of the most recognisable, iconic characters in the world to be among the first to step forward and officially endorse this new law,” he says referring to America’s Supreme Court’s recent ruling over same-sex marriage. “But I thought, let’s not just have Wonder Woman embrace this new law, let’s have her celebrate it.”



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