Game Of Thrones: Video Guide To Some Of Season Six’s Spanish Locations

Kudos to Winter Is Coming for discovering this great little video that highlights six locations in the Spanish city of Girona that are going to be used in season six of Game Of Thrones. There will be no location shooting in Dubrovnik, which has traditionally doubled for King’s Landing, for season six. Girona will instead stand in for the Lannister stronghold and also, Winter Is Coming speculates, Braavos.

Even though no set dressing has yet been done, the video gives a great idea of how some scenes in the next season will look.

If you don’t read Spanish, “Girona ya sabe que ricones de la ciudad formaran parte de la sexta temporada de Juego de Tronos,” roughly translates as, “Girona already knows which parts of the city will be part of the sixth season of Game Of Thrones”.




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