Captain America: Civil War Promo Art Confirms Who’s On Whose Side

After all the speculation about who was going to be on whose side in Captain America: Civil War, Comic Book Movie has posted the following pieces of promotional art that settles the argument once and for all. Except for whose side Spider-Man is on. He’s conspicuous by his absence.

If you’ve read the original comics you’ll know that Spider-Man’s allegiance is rather crucial. The film doesn’t have to follow the comics plotline, though. It barely seems to be doing so anyway but that may be no bad thing – the comic series is better in concept than it is in execution. Cap does get some brilliantly rousing speeches, though. Oh and there’s no Scarlet Witch or Hulk in the images either – is that signifiant? Probably not. That’s Sharon Carter on team Cap, by the way.

civilwar-promoart3 (1)





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