Will This Mystery Character Be Important In The Force Awakens?

Right, it’s not us starting rumours here, it’s Marvel Comics, presumably with Disney and Lucasfilm complicit in all the stirring. Y’see issue the official Star Wars site has posted the cover of Star Wars: Shattered Empire #2, a comic that fills in the gaps between Star Wars Episode VI: The Return Of The Jedi and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and there’s a mysterious female character on the cover.

star_wars_shattered_empire_coverNow, she may just be a mysterious woman. She may have nothing to do with The Force Awakens. But once you’ve read this accompanying blurb you can’t help thinking that Marvel and Lucasfilm are up to something. Especially as the comic comes out in November, just before the film is released world wide.

“A picture is worth a thousand words it’s been said very often,” goes the blurb on the official website. “But the one above feels more like a thousand questions. Who is that standing beside the starship that resembles an A-Wing? Is she a Jedi? A friend to the Rebels?

“It’s a safe bet bounty hunters continued offering their services after the collapse of the Empire… The First Order is still decades away, and it’s safe to assume Luke, Han, and Leia have a lot on their plate after overthrowing the governing force that controlled the galaxy.”

Whatever the case may be, our interest is officially piqued. If the character is in The Force Awakens she’d be older. Any mysterious, unaccounted for mature actresses on the cast list?

The cover illustration, by the way, is by Marco Checchetto while Greg Rucka is scripting the comic. Somebody invite them out for a drink and get ’em drunk, okay? [via Coming Soon]

Click on the image for a larger version.

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