Top 10 Most Embarrassing Geek Characters On TV

Ruth Edmundson counts down the top 10 most embarrassing geeky characters to have shared their nerdy ways with the TV world.

10 Douglas Fargo


Played by: Neil Grayston
Name of show: Eureka
Type of geek: science geek
Specialist geek subject: Robotics
Most likely to say: “I’m the grease on the cogs that turn the gears in this machine that is Eureka!”

Would you want to share a coffee with him? Sure, if you were able to grab a nanosecond with him, in-between the mysterious epidemics, colossal explosions, dangerous gadgets and various other bizarre disasters, that constantly blight Euerka. As the Head of Global Dynamics, the epicenter for technological breakthroughs based in Eureka, Fargo has got it tough but he really doesn’t help himself. Despite deemed to be highly intelligent, with glasses and a sharp suit to prove it, as loveable as Fargo is his all-too-frequent scientific blunders start to grind your gears and he soon comes across as a bit of a simpleton.

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