Guardians Of The Gallery: X-Men, Superhero Owls, Luchador Pikachu & More


Some of the best, funniest and weirdest pics & vids that’ve been doing the rounds on the ’net this week


••• X-Men playing cards that Gambit would be proud to use. By Mark Eastwood.





••• Photographer Jorge Pérez has been chronicling the the lives of Stormtroopers on their downtime. There are loads more like this here. We love ’em.





••• These are a hoot! (Sorry… we’re so, so sorry for that pun. So sorry we’re using Doctor Hoot quotes… okay, we’ll stop now.) Krakow-based artist Magdalena Ruta has recreated superheroes and other cult characters as owls. See more on his website here.



••• Jamie Lee Curtis pays tribute to her mum’s most notorious screen moment.

Just recreated, with help from the amazing crew, a shot by shot of my mother’s famous shower scene from Hitchcock’s PSYCHO for @screamqueensfox #screamqueens Ryan Murphy and co. wrote it into a special episode and it felt right! Honoring the Royal legend that is/was/will always be, Janet Leigh. Thought all fans of the genre would love it! #honorthymother 📷@joaquin_sedillo show debuts in a week on FOX 8pm 2hour premiere!!!!

A photo posted by Jamie Lee Curtis (@curtisleejamie) on

  ••• Right, if you think is little clip is hilariously accurate…

Source <a class=”youtube-link” href=””></a>

…Then check out the full-length version. These Russians are on fire this week!


••• Japanese school brightens up its stairways. More at ComicBookResources.




••• Pikachu goes Luchador! There’s not a lot else to say…



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