Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Super Fan Event Screening


Whilst the television, computer screen or even our handheld devices may be good options to check out television shows and movies , there actually isn’t nothing quite like watching a movie in the cinema.

On Friday 19th June 2015, Picturehouse Central made its debut. A luxurious cinema with a thousand seats and seven screens built where Cineworld Shaftsbury Avenue previously stood. Wednesday 23rd September 2015 marked the date that Picturehouse Central was used for the London premiere, and Super Fan Screening of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ , an event held by Manga Entertainment UK, with sponsorship by the MCM Expo Group.

Entering the cinema we were instantly greeted with a love for film. Whilst being a relatively new venue, it felt like cinematic history was radiating from the walls of the venue, cultures of cinema from all over the world.. The signs for the movie were plastered everywhere. There were specific sections for food and beverages, the perfect stage for a Dragon Ball premiere.

Being that the event was a super fan event, you saw fans parading around in cosplay ranging from Master Roshi to Vegeta, flaunting their poses in true Dragon Ball fashion. Before the film had begun there were photo booths, photo backdrops and prizes being handed out to cosplayers, bringing the main spirit of Dragon Ball into the fold; fun.

For someone who was an avid fan of Dragon Ball Z as a child, this was very exciting for me. Dragonball Z was one of my gateway anime’s.  Since then, as I have grown and discovered other anime, I think it’s fair to say Dragonball Z wasn’t the most complex in terms of its storytelling, however it was visual pleasing, a pioneer for Shonen battle anime/manga as we know today, and just all out fun.

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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is the nineteenth feature film from the Dragon Ball franchise, and the fifteenth film to carry the Dragon Ball name. The film personally supervised by series creator; Akira Toriyama, follows the return of legendary villain Frieza as he decides to take revenge on the Saiyan’s of Earth, with his army of 1000 soldiers, and a new powerful form underneath his sleeve.

This film clearly has its target audience, those who have already been initiated into the franchise. Throwing at the audience oozes of nostalgia with characters we are familiar with, witty lines and beautiful animation. The artwork and animation stand out for the film tremendously, but that has always been one of the series’ main feats.

However diving a bit deeper, the film doesn’t seem to have much purpose other than having fans gush in pools of nostalgia. Famed characters such as Frieza and Goku make their appearances, with an appearance of the titular Dragon Balls. However many of the battles and action sequences within the film seemed to go on for longer than they should have, with sequences that felt very repetitious, alongside an anti-climactic ending. However did that dampen the fun? Of course not, not for a Dragon Ball fan, it was just pure fun. However when introducing the franchise, to those alien to it, this particular film, probably isn’t the best choice.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is in cinemas  Wednesday 30th September 2015. Book your tickets here.

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