Doctor Who “Under The Lake”: 21 Spoiler-Free Teasers


Let’s get cryptical as Buzz gives you its patented list of spoilers for the next episode of Doctor Who – “Under The Lake” by Being Human creator Tony Whithouse – that are so obscure they give virtually nothing away at all. Except a flavour.

  1. It’s nine-tenths a traditional Doctor Who base-under-siege episode but with a couple of important twists.
  2. For the second story in a row somebody utters a sci-fi cliché rather self-consciously.
  3. The TARDIS seems in contradictory mode; the Doctor suggests she deliberately brought them to this latest adventure but later she seems anxious to get away.
  4. Clara is a bit adventure happy and in the sweetest scene in the episode the Doctor doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with it.
  5. Look at the mural. Is it just a random mural? (We don’t know…  but if you’ve seen the entire season trailer you can’t help wondering.)
  6. The Doctor finds a new use for cold tea.
  7. The monsters are a bit repetitive.
  8. The Doctor is not a totally unknown quantity.
  9. Something’s broken on the TARDIS… or so it seems.
  10. Clara has come up with a hilarious solution to the Doctor’s lack of social graces (but it fails).
  11. Aberdeen is on the cards.
  12. The special FX for the “monsters’” eyes are even cooler than the trailers have made them look.
  13. The sonic glasses are back!  
  14. The Doctor goes a bit Brian Cox at one point, though…
  15. …There’s one bit of his exposition that will have astronomers going, “Somebody hasn’t learned the lesson of the Mutara Nebula.” (But given that it’s scientific bobbins, it still kinda cool and the episode is based on a neat little SF conceit.)
  16. The Doctor has a magnificent moment of reverse psychology. Genuinely. It’s a cheesy moment that’ll still have you going, “Well done, sir!”
  17. Somebody is doing some moves in VR that bear no relation to what’s happening in the real world.
  18. “Clockwork squirrel”
  19. A competitor on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing gives the Doctor inspiration.
  20. There’s a moment very similar to one in “42”.
  21. The cliffhanger is unusual and fantastic. You may guess it about 3o seconds before it happens, but the anticipation make it even better!


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