The Raid: Director’s Masterclass For MCM London Comic Con


Priority ticket-holders attending MCM London Comic Con on Sunday 25 October will be able to revisit the critically acclaimed martial arts movie The Raid: Redemption in the company of the director himself. Gareth Evans will be sitting down with Robert Milazzo of The Modern School of Film (US) to discuss the award-winning Indonesian action film in movie-geeky depth.

the_raid_gareth_evans“The panel with Gareth will be different from a normal convention panel,” says Milazzo, “and different from what we normally do in our Masterclasses, simply because we’re asking him to revisit his masterpiece: The Raid: Redemption. We don’t typically go right for the jugular in that way with the Masterclasses but with a film like The Raid: Redemption the opportunity to speak to its writer/director was too good to pass up.”

Since its launch in 2012, the Modern School of Film (MSF) has featured Masterclass discussions with nearly 200 luminaries from the worlds of film, music, comics and literature including: Adam Horovitz (The Beastie Boys), Frank Black (The Pixies), Kristin Wiig, Alfonso Cuarón, Wes Craven, Paul Verhoeven, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Mira Nair and Glenn Close. Usually the guests select and discuss the films that have most-inspired them but this special MCM London Comic Con event – one of the first two ever held in the UK (the other being with Archer creator Adam Reed) – will feature a filmmaker analysing his own work instead.

“Gareth Evans is such an international figure,” says Milazzo, “but I think something like The Raid is beloved the world over. So London is the perfect setting for this Masterclass because it’s a non-US, English-speaking culture and that film is universally lauded. So for someone with Gareth’s background – he draws on influences on multiple continents – I think the UK is perfect convergence for that.”

The panel is an amazing opportunity to get the inside line on one of the most influential and unforgettable action movies of the past decade. Set in the slums of Jakarta, The Raid: Redemption stars Iko Uwais as Rama, the leader of a SWAT team assaulting the well-guarded safe house of a notorious drug lord. The strike force has to fight its way through some of the city’s toughest gangsters to have any hope of taking out the crime boss… or even of getting out of the building alive!


“One of the distinctions of the Masterclasses is that these are not interviews, these are conversations,” says Milazzo. “I think that’s an important distinction of the audience and the guests. It’s not a surgical dissection of the guests, it’s a conversation about a topic that the guests have a relationship to. We unearth some less typical bits of information because I think the guests feel very comfortable, because the pretext is very different than in an interview.”

Following the success of The Raid, Welsh helmer Gareth Evans wrote and directed an equally impressive follow-up in the shape of 2014’s The Raid 2: Berandal, which sees Rama go undercover to take down corrupt police officials and criminal gangs alike. Rumours has it Evans is currently working on a third movie in the series.


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