Steven Moffat Thought He Would Have Left Doctor Who By Now

Steven Moffat has told TV & Satellite Week magazine that he never thought he’d still be head writer on Doctor Who for this long. He also reveals in the interview [via Blogtor Who] that he’d love to bring back K-9, and almost did.



While hinting that he has another project in mind that he can’t commit to while he’s still juggling Doctor Who and Sherlock, Moffat admits, “I thought I’d be gone by now [from Doctor Who], to be honest. I thought I would get tired by it, and of it. But I haven’t. If anything, I think I cope with the stress and fatigue better than I used to. So I take it a year at a time. But they might decide that they’ve had enough of me and kick me out!”

As for K-9, the robot pooch, Mofat reveals that he almost made a cameo recently: “I love K-9! I nearly put him in ‘Last Christmas’. I had a whole scene where the Doctor was pointing out how ludicrous Santa Claus is, having a reindeer with a glowing nose and so on… and then in comes K-9. Completely daft, but he’s brilliant. I’m totally up for K-9 when we have the right idea.”


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