HBO In Early Discussions For A Watchman TV Series


Look out world. Dr Manhattan’s infamous blue schlong could be heading to HBO… and the mind boggles what the seemingly sex-obsessed cable channel would make of that. Seriously, though, after rumours began circulating late yesterday, HBO confirmed that it is indeed in early discussions with Watchmen movie director Zack Snyder about a possible Watchmen TV series (insert Alan Moore grumbling here).

Collider broke the story, reporting that meetings had taken place between the Game Of Thrones and Westworld cable channel and director Zack Snyder about developing a Watchmen series. Whether it would be a prequel, a remake or a sequel is unclear. God forbid it has anything to do with those misjudged  Before Watchmen comics DC released a couple of years back.

HBO then issued a statement: “Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place.”

So, it’s a long way off happening then. Watchmen could make a decent series; on the other hand, if Before Watchmen proved how brilliantly self-contained the original graphic novel is – there isn’t really any need to add to it. Then again, with Gotham showing how a wonderfully stylised gothic comic book aesthetic can be created on the small screen, it is exciting to think about what a TV Watchmen could look like.


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