Is Guillermo del Toro Serious? He Wants Maisie Williams For Pacific Rim 2?


We’re not sure how serious Hellboy/Crimson Peak/Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro is being, but he seems to have become as much of a fanboy of Game Of Thrones’s Maisie Williams as the rest of the world, prompting the following Tweet:

Now let’s not get too excited. The future of Pacific Rim 2 is hardly certain (though the film company has given it a show of faith – see here). And even it does go ahead, we don’t think del Toro would make a casting announcement on Twitter before a zillion agents and lawyers had become involved. Williams in a Jaeger is still just a massive “what if?” for the moment.

However, they were having lunch? What’s that all about? Interesting. Not, “met at an awards ceremony” or “bumped into” – but “had lunch”. Has del Toro got other plans for Williams another project? Or was it just social? As long as she doesn’t end up as a strigoi…


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