The (Back To The) Future Is Here: Jaws 19 & Pepsi Perfect Adverts

As we move towards that fateful date in Back To The Future 2 – 21 October 2015 – the film actually seems to be creating the future it predicted. What kind of a temporal flux is that? A weird twist on the bootstraps paradox? Here are two new trailers for things we saw in Back To The Future 2 that now appear to be becoming reality: Perfect Pepsi and Jaws 19. Although animated holographic cinema hoardings are still, sadly, only a thing of imagination.  (And while you will be able to buy Pepsi Perfect – in the US at least – we doubt you’ll be able to go to the cinema to see Jaws 19.) Don’t forget – hoverboards (of a sort) are with us too – see here.


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  1. […] arrives in 2015 in Back To The Future 2) we’ve seen the Pepsi Perfect ad and the Jaws 19 trailer (watch them both here), so an advert for the hoverboard was only a matter of time. And here it is! (Although now 2015 has […]

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