Cancelled: Beauty And The Beast & Dominion

It’s the end of the road for two telefantasy spin-off series as Syfy cancels Dominion after two seasons and The CW cancels Beauty And The Beast after four.


Dominion was the TV version of the 2010 film Legion, set 25 years further on from the events in the movie, after a war between an army of angels and mankind has left the world devastated. Although a brave effort to turn a rubbish movie into a half-decent TV show it never really clicked with audiences and its main contribution to popular culture was bringing small screen sci-fi stalwarts together in one series – Anthony Head and Alan Dale.

Syfy has still made no decision yet on the future of Defiance, but as we’ve said before, as much as we love the show (and we truly do) the ending of season three was so utterly perfect, continuing the show might seem like cheapening it.


Meanwhile, The CW has finally put Beauty And The Beast out of its misery. The remake of the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton show, starring Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk and some bloke with a scar as not very beastly looking Beast, was never a ratings hit and many were surprised when it received a fourth season order after its third season was reduced to a half-run and shunted into the summer season where only the cast’s families were watching it.

The show is wrapping production of its final season next month. It will debut in the States sometime next year.



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