Da Vinci’s Demons May Return After All… Eventually



The third season of season of Da Vinci’s Demonswhich starts airing in the UK on Fox in the UK on 25 October – may not be the last we see of the show after all. Though if it does come back, says the show’s creator David S Goyer, it won’t be for a few years.

Speaking to Den Of Geek yesterday, Goyer revealed, “It’s not impossible that we may at one point do another limited series or something like that… at least three or four years from now.”

He went on to say that he and the production team had been speaking to Da Vinci’s Demon’s US broadcaster, Starz, about the show returning as an event mini-series, of perhaps eight or so episodes, which would involve “the Bonfire of the Vanities and Savanarola and Michelangelo and some other stuff… it would have been impossible to cram that all into this season.” He says that Starz are, “Interested in the idea.”

Another thing that Buzz learnt was dropped from season three when we visited the set to chat to star Tom Riley was a subplot involving Leonardo’s sexuality. There were hints of the artists bisexuality in season one but that had fallen pretty much entirely by the wayside but Riley denies there’s any conscious “straightwashing”.

“We don’t really touch on any relationship this season because of the Turkish Invasion. Therefore Leonardo isn’t in a position for relationships. He hasn’t tended to be. There’s been that one overarching one with Lucretia which we are still continuing to serve but not necessarily in the way people might expect. But when we sat down and broke the plot arc for this season there was definitely a plan of action to not just confront that but really explore it. But as plans expanded it that got knocked into season four.”

Which begs the question, would his new “event series” cover that ground?

On the other hand Riley admits, “I play it as gay as I can, anyway, if I’m honest. Me and Greg [Chillin – Zoroaster] are always trying to find new ways of eyeballing each other. There’s also some stuff with Riario that I’m sure goes beyond the realms of mere antagonism.”


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