ComicTalk Is Evolving: Now’s A Great Time To Jump On Board


On Sunday, the 18 October, the weekly Twitter comic chat event #ComicTalk will be changing slightly. The times will all stay the same, but some of the regular features of the event will switched to different times to allow more people to benefit from a later timeslot.

The first change is to the pre-show. This part of the talk, starting at 9am PST (5pm UK), will now be a time to interact with host @JamieMeWrites. You can ask him questions, share your artwork with him or reply to any subject he is discussing for that week.

“I enjoy playing the host, and turning the pre-show into something where I can interact with people is going to be awesome. I love seeing what people are up to, and if I can give any help or support that is just a bonus,” says Me.

The introduction part of the show will now be part of the Q&A like it used to be. At 10am PST (6pm UK) the first question will go out, and that will ask you to introduce yourself. The Q&A will remain unchanged apart from this minor alteration.


Lastly, the Afterparty will now be replaced with “Guest Hour”. This will be when our special guests will reply to questions from people tweeting them while using the #ComicTalk hashtag. Anyone can join in, and you never know who will show up at the event. So far we’ve had the likes of Cullen Bunn, Tony Lee, creators from Black Mask Studio and more feature on the event. This week to kick off the new “Guest Hour” we have Sloane Leong, artist on Image Comics’ From Under Mountains. Come ask questions this Sunday.

“I hope everyone continues to enjoy Comic Talk, and if any creators want to appear on the Twitter event just let me know. These are exciting times for the indie comic community. We are showing everyone, by trending every week, that we are a force to be reckoned with. Join the revolution!” says Me.

For more information on #ComicTalk visit the official event guide here. You can also join in the show every week starting at 9.00am PST with the pre-show, or you can join us for the main entry at 10.00am PST. Follow host @JamieMeWrites for all the latest details, and to get all the questions as they happen.

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