Scouts Vs Freaks: Horror Comedy Trailer Vs Clips Smackdown

It’s the battle of the unashamedly dumb horror movies as two films that would clearly love to be Shaun Of The Dead, but look dangerously more like Lesbian Vampire Killers do promo-battle in an attempt to get you to part with ticket money. (Actually only Scouts’ Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse has a UK release date – 6 November – while Freaks Of Nature, née Kitchen Sink, seems destined for a straight-to-shiny-disc release over here.)

So, which will win? Which has the dumbest jokes? Which has the most over-the-top gore? Which has the most shouty, wavy-arm-y stars? Which one relies on the F-word a little too much for comic effect? You decide.

WARNING! Lots of NSFW language and gore and teenage humour ahead.


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