Charlie Higson Reveals There Are Loads Of Monsters In ITV’s Jekyll & Hyde

“If we had done just an adaptation of that book, you’d have got a great hour out of it, and then you would have had another nine hours to fill which would have been hard if your central character is dead,” says Charlie Higson, explaining why his upcoming series ITV action series Jekyll & Hyde is very, very different from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella.

Attendees as MCM London Comic Con got to see how different when Higson brought the first six minutes of the show to the con to reveal to attendees, including the teaser, credit sequence (with music by David Arnold accompanying some glorious art deco visuals) and first scene, which moves the action from the Victorian era to the 1930s. We also got to see the great, first transformation scene – a combination of subtle CGI and not subtle acting.

But Higson also revealed there are loads more monsters in the show than in the just Mr Hyde, including an organisation for monster, plus a special branch of the UK Government formed to fight them.


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