Con Man: Alan Tudyk & Nolan North’s Brilliant MCM Panel

Con_man_4Alan Tudyk and Nolan North were the surprise guest panellists at MCM London Comic Con this Sunday and provided a hilarious panel to promote their new web series Con Man.

Focused on letting people know that Con Man is available on Vimeo, Tudyk and North messed about onstage and talked about the series, engaging with fans and cracking jokes at every opportunity to create a light-hearted atmosphere.

The show was crowdfunded on Indiegogo in April, and is most famous for being the fastest-ever campaign to reach its target – ultimately it earned over $3 million. Created by and starring Tudyk in the lead role, the series focuses on Wray Nerely, a disgruntled actor who is frustrated at only being recognised for his work on cancelled sci-fi TV series Spectrum.

While the life of the lead character in Con Man bears a remarkable resemblance to Tudyk’s experiences on cult-hit TV show Firefly, Tudyk is by no means the same as his character, Wray, who’s a bit of a sour, hapless, embittered has-been who resents having to go to cons to earn a living. Tudyk, on the other hand, has has a very successful post-Whedon career, and he clearly loves joking around at cons.




Before opening up the floor to questions, the pair presented a clip from the show which featured them alongside Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Gina Torres (Firefly) during a voice recording session. Crazy voices and rectum jokes ensue, and the audience laughed heartily.

Tudyk and North then took questions from the fans, and talked about the show and their voice acting careers. The pair also gave each person that asked a question a signed item which Tudyk brought especially from his hotel room. Slippers, shaving cream, combs — anything that could be signed was given to fans, and it was an amusing way to bring the panel to a close.

Con Man is available to rent on Vimeo for £9.99, and to buy for £12.99 now. You can read our review of the first block of episodes here. We can highly recommend it!




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