The X-Files: Great New Trailer

“They’ve been given a new case,” says a concerned-looking Scully over her cell phone in this new trailer for The X-Files revival series. “It’s got a monster in it.” A phrase which is all Mulder needs to suddenly appear from thin air next to her like a slightly seedy genie. While we all remember The X-Files for its creepiness and complex arc plot, increasingly as it went on, the gentle, self-effacing humour between its two lead characters became a key element in its success. So it’s good  to see the new series still knows how to take the Mickey out of itself. Not that the new trailer is without its creepy moments too.

The X-Files returns to FOX in the States with a special two-night event beginning on Sunday 24 January. Amazingly there is still yet to be a UK broadcaster announced.



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