Philip Glenister Teases Robert Kirkman’s Outcast @ MCM London Comic Con


Philip Glenister plays drinkin’, smokin’, gamblin’, hard livin’ Reverend Anderson on Outcast, the new TV series from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. It’s all about demons and possession, so what does a conversation between Michael Caine, Tom Cruise and Flipper have to do with anything? Anyone attending Glenister’s panel at MCM London Comic Con will already know and here’s your chance too.

That same audience was also treated to a whole load of clips and trailers from the show, which also stars Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl, We Bought A Zoo) as Kyle Barnes,  A young man searches for answers as to why he’s been suffering from supernatural possessions his entire life. Two of the clips were world exclusive, both of which were deeply creepy and one of which featured cruelty to cockroaches. Although being touted as a horror show, Outcast is clearly aiming for “disturbing” and “unsettling” rather than jumpy gory shocks.

Philip Glenister was a fine ambassador for the new show throughout the panel and it sounds like he’s relishing the whole experience. Here are a few of the panel highlights to enjoy, including a special guest appearance.

Outcast is due to air in the UK on FOX in 2016.


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