Chris Pine Confirms He’s In Wonder Woman Film



Chris Pine (Jack Ryan, the rebooted Star Trek universe’s James T Kirk) has confirmed to Premiere magazine that he will be appearing in DC/Warner’s upcoming Wonder Woman movie, but has not confirmed as who.

“I do not really know what I’m allowed to tell you,” he says in the interview. “I’m super excited, of course, Gal Gadot [who’s playing Wonder Woman] is super-talented… What excites me most is to turn in a movie with a superhero woman. With a woman in the lead role. I am a team with this intelligent, beautiful and strong [woman] to destroy the wicked and save humanity.”

Rumours persist that he will be playing US Army intelligence officer Steve Trevor, who’s been Wonder Woman’s main love interest for decades in the comics and on screen (and how good it feels to put “love interest” and refer to a man instead of a woman for a change), but those rumours appear to be based on little more than, “Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?” Other fans, who are hoping Pine might be playing a member of the Green Lantern Corps may be heartened by the phrase in his quote: “I am a team with this intelligent, beautiful, etc…” On the other hand, it’d be great if Wonder Woman didn’t need the back-up of a male superhero in her own movie.


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