Doctor Who “The Zygon Inversion” Spoiler-Free Preview


What next for the Zygon invasion of Earth? How can the Doctor survive his plane being blown to bits? Will Clara ever get out of her pod? More to the point, can the second part of this story live up the brilliance of the first? (See our review of the first part here.) Well, we are going to spoil that last one with the very first point in this week’s 20 spoiler-free teasers for Doctor Who “The Zygon Inversion”.

  1. This may receive our first five-star rating of series nine.
  2. Despite what the clever teaser may make you think at first, this is not a  “concept episode”
  3. The Doctor has a hilarious new explanation for an accepted piece of Who lore.
  4. The Doctor has pinched a branding idea off James Bond.
  5. The episode features one of the most blistering – and intelligent, and multi-layered – speeches about morality ever delivered in the show. If there’s any justice, in the future it will be regarded as one of the show’s greatest moments.
  6. “I’m dead now and I think I might be a bit more dead in a minute.
  7. There are some amusing revelations about names.
  8. Peter Capaldi gives his most compelling performance as the Doctor yet. At one point he may even bring a tear to your eye… and it’s not even a sad moment, just a really impassioned one.
  9. “I am not winking at you.”
  10. A question of age arises and fans will be pleased with the answer.
  11. There’s a line that’s a gift for a trailer… that isn’t being used in the trailer. (Alternatively, the first line in the NEXT WEEK trailer should never be used in a trailer.)
  12. There are a few familiar props.
  13. A very famous phrase from the original series is used (and it doesn’t contain the word polarity).
  14. The Doctor does an impression of someone that only people old enough to have see the Tom Baker era when it originally aired will recognise (it’s not someone from the show).
  15. There’s a wonderfully emotive and beautiful shot of a Zygon changing form that doesn’t involve special effects.
  16. There’s some pretty strong body horror at one point.
  17. More urban and less globetrotting than last week, but just as tense.
  18. Clara can’t lie, even though she can.
  19. Osgood is made an offer she can refuse.
  20. Tightly directed, full of surprises and with an unusual but very satisfying climax “The Zygon Inversion” is one not to miss.

Trailer below if you want to risk it:


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