Webcomics Special On #ComicTalk This Sunday

ComicTalk Nov 2

Webcomics will be the hot topics, with contributions from webcomic pioneer Tapastic, this coming Sunday on #ComicTalk, the Twitter forum for comic creators and comic fans interested in the creation of comics.

#ComicTalk’s webcomics special is aimed at exploring the format, meeting the creators and gaining exposure for the many talented artists who often create new pages for fans on a weekly basis.

“I’ve wanted to do this webcomic special for ages now,”explains #ComicTalk host and founder Jamie Me. “The format fascinates me, and as comic creator myself I research alternate formats to mainstream execution. To truly make it a special I had to get a guest that would mean something to webcomic creators, so I went out and got, arguably, the best webcomic host on the planet, Tapastic. We can all ask them our questions at 11.00am straight after the Q&A!”

This week’s event, starting at 10am PST on Sunday, will aim to introduce new readers to webcomics by asking questions in its Q&A specifically targeted at this unique style of comic delivery. For those new to the event here is a breakdown of how it works:

ComicTalk Nov 1

At 10am PST (6pm UK time) questions will be tweeted by @JamieMeWrites. Any Twitter user is then welcomed to answer them using the #ComicTalk hashtag. After this finishes, at 11qm PST (7pm UK time), users will then be invited to ask @Tapastic questions, using the #ComicTalk hashtag again, for a full hour. This is an opportunity as a creator or reader to ask a leading webcomic platform unfiltered questions.

“I’m very grateful for Tapastic taking the time to appear on Comic Talk. What a lot of people might not realise is that they’ve supported us since week two. Endorsement from a market leader like them helped the event reach more people, and it shows the commitment they have to supporting the creation of indie comics.”

Come join in #ComicTalk this Sunday, and discover the vast array of incredible webcomics that can more often than not be read for free. To make sure you get further updates on the event, and the tweets as they happen, follow host @JamieMeWrites. You can also request membership to the #ComicTalk Community on Facebook here.


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