Exec Producer Promises Epic 2-Part Flash/Arrow Crossover

Flash-Green-Arrow-Crossover-2This year’s first big The Flash/Arrow crossover event will follow a different format to last year’s and it won’t feel like a back-door pilot for Legends Of Tomorrow, promises executive producer Marc Guggenheim in an interview with Deadline.

Sadly he also says that there are plans for further appearances from Matt Ryan as Constantine (“There’s no plans. This was always designed to be a one off…”) but let’s not dwell on the bad news (just cherish that appearance next week when the episode airs in the UK – Matt Ryan is in great form).

“There’s a lot of things that are really cool about this year’s crossover, one of which is the fact that there really is a true two-part story unlike last year where it was two interconnected episodes where each had their own beginning, middle, and end,” says Guggenheim.

“This is a big two-part event, one single bad guy, and it will very clearly launch Legends Of Tomorrow,” he continues, while assuring The Flash and Arrow fans that their shows are not being sidelined to promote the spin-off. “At the same time what I think is a lot of fun about it is that it doesn’t feel like a backdoor pilot for Legends Of Tomorrow. It feels like an episode of The Flash and then an episode of Arrow. It truly is a two-hour Flash/Arrow event that just so happens to introduce us to some new characters who will be a big part of Legends Of Tomorrow.”

The big crossover event will be taking place in December.


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