Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cast As Major Baddie Negan In The Walking Dead

So, “Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cast As Major Baddie Negan In The Walking Dead.” Now, where do you with an article after a headline like that? If you know the comics, you know exactly what a major force Negan is in them. If you don’t, you really shouldn’t want to be spoiled and we’re not going to do it for you.


Similarly, if you know who Jeffrey Dean Morgan is then you’ll know this is also exciting new, whoever the hell he’s playing. And if you don’t, telling you he’s was the Winchester’s dad in Supernatural will probably just make you wonder what the fuss is about. In which case, you’re in for a treat.

But it you know who Jeffery Dean Morgan is and you know who Negan is in The Walking Dead, then presumably you’re very happy with this news indeed.

What The Hollywood Reporter article does reveal that’s non spoilery is that sources say the character will first arrive in the season six finale directed by Greg Nicotero. Apparently Timothy Olyphant, Matt Dillon and Garret Dillahunt were all considered for the part too. In the comics, Negan first appeared in issue 100 and he’s still the main villain nearly 50 issues later.

Oh, and just for he record. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also been in Watchmen, The Good Wife, Extant and Grey’s Anatomy and will soon be seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.






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