Doctor Who: There Could Be A Sequel To “Sleep No More”


Writer Mark Gatiss has revealed ​that ​Doctor Who ​showrunner Steven Moffat has asked for a follow-up to tonight’s episode “Sleep No More” (read our review here).

“Steven’s asked me if I’ll write a sequel – I’ll see if I can do that,” he said. “If I can think of one, I would certainly like to do it, because I think the idea is good and the monsters are great. I suppose you’d have to think… where else would they go?”

He has some other ideas for Doctor Who stories but insists they are nothing more than “nuggets, tiny things” but admits, “I’d love to do a story about fracking – it seems to me like an incredibly ​Doctor Who idea. Because it’s obviously a bad idea, no matter what the supposed rewards. As well as shale gas, maybe there’s something else lurking under there… I’d like to do that. I’d call it, ‘Frack Off and Die’!”

[via Digital Spy]


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