Michael Douglas Expects To Be Returning For Ant-Man And The Wasp

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Looks like Marvel’s Phase 3 Ant-Man sequel, Ant-Man And The Wasp, will see the return of Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. “I’m coming back,” Douglas tells Comic Book Resources, before hedging his bets. “Well, I should be coming back. We’re in the midst of negotiations now, which is always nice.”


And if Douglas is to be believed, his happy experiences making the first film will certainly help those negotiations come to a fruitful conclusion.

“There’s just a great family feeling about it. I think there’s discussion of [director] Peyton [Reed] coming back, I thought he did a great job holding things together as director. But even beyond that, him and just the whole crew, they go from one Marvel film to the other. It basically becomes their entire career, so there’s a family feeling and continuity which just always makes it easier. You don’t have to go through the introductions. That’s the beauty of sequels with the crew and having the cast [back together] is great.”

He’s also enjoying the whole hoopla surrounding being in such a big franchise. “Just in a sense of how insane the movie business has become. This is the first time I’m involved with a movie [at this stage] that already has a release date. I just go, ‘Oh my god!’ It’s hard to even conceive of. Filming in 2017. I love it, I had a great time on Ant-Man.

“They’re actually very sweet because, well two-fold…” he says of Marvel. “One, they gotta make sure, before they start writing the new script, they gotta know if you’re there or not, you know what I’m saying? We’re in the midst of that and I would imagine they’re bouncing ideas around.”

He’s also looking forward to working with his co-stars again. “I was really impressed with Evangeline [Lilly] and Paul [Rudd]. Michael was unbelievable, Michael Peña; I’m sure we’ll get him back, he brought some great comic relief. And we’ll miss Corey [Stoll] unless they find some incredible way to scrape him off the wall or something.”

Meanwhile, with the UK Blu-ray and DVD release of Ant-Man fast approaching – 30 November – Marvel has started teasing some of the extras we’ll be seeing:


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