Doctor Who Christmas Special Could Be Called Sex Storm But Won’t Be Says Moffat

Until now about the only thing that we’ve known about the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas special is that River Song is returning, and that the TARDIS would be covered in icicles at the start. But now Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi have offered a few more details to The Radio Times.


Apparently, it starts with the Doctor chasing his wife across the universe because River doesn’t recognise him and snogs just about everybody else in the universe instead. Showrunner Steven Moffat says there’d be “lots of kissing” and flirting, adding, “It is not the most Christmassy Doctor Who ever – eventually you run out of things to do, or you end up with ‘deadly snake tinsel – but it is a funny, fast madcap chase episode with the Doctor being chased and also chasing River.

“Russell [T Davies] said, ‘You’ve got to bring her back. She has got to be together with Capaldi – it will be a sex storm.’ So I have – though the episode isn’t called ‘Sex Storm’ – I couldn’t get that past the controller. There is wonderful chemistry between Peter and Alex. It had to be done.”

Peter Capaldi added, “Yes, there is [a chance for romance]. I’m trying not to give it away. My Doctor is different from the Doctors who were there when Alex first arrived. This Doctor’s different from that. It’s a different dynamic. It is a lighthearted, fun thing River doesn’t recognise the Doctor and he gets upset because she is flirting and doing all sort of stuff with people. It was great working with Alex. She is an old hand on the show – it was brilliant fun.”



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