Doctor Who “Face The Raven” Spoiler-Free Preview

Doctor Who Face The Raven

Are you ready to “Face The Raven” in next Saturday’s Doctor Who? Probably not, because it’s full of surprises. The BBC and Who production office seem to have been happy to let slip an awful lot of information already. The trailer appears to give away an awful lot (in one shot it gives away something that BBC preview site specifically asks reviewers not to reveal… go figure). However, there’s still a whole load more it doesn’t reveal. For the sake of this review we’re going to assume that you have seen the trailer, on the basis that it you’re so spoilerphobic that you haven’t then you won’t rick reading an article like this!

Right, so here are this week’s Top 22 spoiler free teasers…

  1. It’s a lovely, sweet, charming episode with lots of surprises and a few nasty shocks.
  2. It’s small in scale but huge in ramifications.
  3. There are a lot of wonderful visual gimmicks, the kind of imagery that years from now you’ll be going, “Do you remember the one where…?”
  4. It starts as one thing – a whodunnit – and end as something else entirely.
  5. Rigsy is great and we learn a lot about him.
  6. Me is used in a very interesting way – her best episode yet.
  7. The main conceit of the episode – how a major element would actually fucntion – doesn’t bare close scrutiny (or even distant scrutiny in bad light) – but don’t get hung up on that; go with the flow and enjoy it for what it is.
  8. It’s very Harry Potter in places and not just because of the Diagon Alley doppelgänger glimpsed in the trailer – there’s an evocative dark fantasy feel reminiscent of the last few films.
  9. “Good, weird, good and weird.”
  10. A prop from earlier in the season makes a reappearance – and it’s not the guitar
  11. Rigsy gets very upset at being called Rigsy.
  12. There is yet another one of those electrifying, elongated dialogues that have become such a strong feature of this season.
  13. The Doctor acknowledges that Clara has on ongoing problem
  14. There one idea that may possibly have been inspired by one of China Mieville’s greatest short stories.
  15. There’s a really fun montage sequence with a voiceover by the Doctor.
  16. Remember 82. Possibly. Or possibly it’s a red herring.
  17. Something controversial from Torchwood makes a reappearance.
  18. More than one character is two-faced.
  19. Clara’s love of Jane Austen takes an unexpected new twist.
  20. The Doctor’s final line is an absolute classic – expect to see it on t-shirts.
  21. There are lots of different monsters.
  22. Stick with it until after the credits… and not for the Next Week trailer.


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