BUZZ News Shorts: Guardians Vol 2, Tomb Raider Movie, Dark Knight & More

guardians-of-the-galaxy_nebula••• Karen Gillan has been talking to Comic Book Resources about Nebula in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: “I think what I’m really excited about it delving into the sisterly relationship between Gamora and Nebula. I think that we’re going to see a little bit more of that, and it’s going to be a bit more fleshed out.”

••• Philippa Boyens – Peter Jackson and Fran Boyen’s writing partner on the Middle-earth films, King Kong and The Lovely Bones – has been hired by Disney to script a big screen adaptation of TA Barron’s YA book series The Merlin Saga. [via Coming Soon]

••• Here’s a trailer for a Syfy movie 400 Days, starring Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz (two of the stars of Legends Of Tomorrow, coincidentally). Expect to see it on a streaming service near you early in 2016.

••• The Tomb Raider movie reboot now has a director attached: Roar Uthaug, the director of Norwegian disaster drama The Wave. Geneva Robertson-Dworet, co-writer on Transformers 5, is in negotiations to write the screenplay. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

••• Frank Miller has announced that he’ll be writing a fourth Dark Knight comic book series before the fourth has even been launched. “I thoroughly applaud what [Brian Azzarello, Miller’s co-writer on Dark Knight III is] doing,” Miller tells, “but now that he’s doing his [story], it’s now a four-part series. I’m doing the fourth.”

••• The Originals showrunner Michael Narducci is set to adapt Vertigo Comics’ Unfollow as TV series for ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The drama explores what happens when a secretive billionaire makes a global announcement — via the social media platform he invented — that he is terminally ill and has decided to bestow his entire fortune to a seemingly random sample of 140 people from around the world. When one of them turns up dead, the others realise that they are all suspects — and the next potential victim.



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