Logan’s Run Set To Be Next The Hunger Games-Style YA Movie Franchise

Warner Bros is hoping that its remake of the 1976 sci-fi classic Logan’s Run could lead to a new YA movie franchise to fill the gap left by The Hunger Games, according to producer Simon Kinberg in an interview with Collider.


“It’s something that potentially is their Hunger Games kind of franchise,” says Kinberg (X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Mr And Mrs Smith, Sherlock Holmes). “It is about a younger audience, for a younger audience with a big idea… Logan’s Run, as you know, is the granddaddy of Maze Runner and Hunger Games and so many of these books and movies now. So yeah, [the studio is] seeing it as a potentially really big franchise.”

It makes sense, especially if the new script takes inspiration from the book by William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson on which the original film was based. Because while the film was about a futuristic dystopia in which people are required to commit suicide at the age of 30, in the book that age was a mere 21; that age limit would necessitate a much younger, teen-appeal cast. The story concerns a Sandman – a member of the “age police” who hunt down people who try to avoid voluntary self-euthanasia, or “runners” – who is forced on the run himself.

“There is some thought about what the future films would be and where you could take Logan in future movies,” says Kinberg, “but the focus is on, ‘make a great movie.’ It was ‘Let’s make one great movie that people fall in love with, but be prepared that if they do, we could make future films.

“There’s a lot from the original film in it, and then there’s a lot of reinterpretation of the original film rather than just a whole scale recreation.”


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