Code: Realize – Guardian Of Rebirth REVIEW


stars 3.5

Developer: Aksys Games
Publisher: Idea Factory
Release: Out Now
Formats: PS Vita
Price (RRP): £29.99

code2Code: Realize – Guardian Of Rebirth is an otome visual novel with a difference: it’s more about a woman figuring herself out than it is about romance.

You play Cardia, a young woman who has been locked away by her father for many years. She’s afflicted with a toxin throughout her body which means anyone who touches her dies from a rotting poison, similar to Rogue in X-Men. Once she escapes, she seeks out her father, while also encountering various male characters from history, such as Sherlock Holmes and Van Helsing.

Combining such gothic horror with steampunk elements is a great move for Code: Realize. Its imaginative nature is obvious through the storytelling, as well as its art style.
While it’s slow to start, its series of choices on how you develop the story, as well as its multiple endings mean that you’ll be gripped to the end.

Review by Jennifer Allen



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