Kevin Bacon Returns To Perfection For Tremors TV Series


Looks like Kevin Bacon could be having trouble with his graboids again. Don’t worry. It’s nothing he needs to see his GP about. Instead it’s looking likely that the actor may be returning to Perfection for a new TV series based on the cult movie Tremors.

In 1990 Tremors, a mid-budget film about the townfolk of a small desert town coping with an infestation of giant, subterranean worms, was one of Bacon’s first starring roles. But his star was rapidly on the rise and he never came back for any of the low-budget sequels or the short-lived 2003 TV series.

But now Entertainment Weekly reports that Bacon will be back for a new Tremors TV series, reprising his Valentine McKee role for the first time in 25 years. He will also serve as executive producer.

Andrew Miller, creator of The CW’s The Secret Circle, is attached to script, which is slightly worrying as that was one of the dreariest shows to roll off The Vampire Diaries, The Originals exec producer Julie Plec conveyor belt (and he hasn’t done much else of note since). But maybe worms are more his thing than witches.

Apparently the new Tremors series will maintain continuity with at least the first film in the franchise. A network home for the series is expected to be announced soon.



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