25 Great Moments In Doctor Who Series 9 (& 5 Not So Great Ones)


Whatever else you think of it, series nine has to be the bravest, boldest most daring series of Doctor Who ever, bar the groundbreaking first series, of course (when some Canadian lunatic gave the green light to a series about a grumpy old man travelling in time in a Police telephone box). It certainly hasn’t lacked ambition, and while there have been missteps (cats in bushes, sleepy dust monsters) the critical and fan reception has been better than it has been in years.

And everyone loves Capaldi.

So here are a few of our favourite moments from the series, in chronological order (which is a bit of a format-breaking idea itself when it comes to Moffat era Who). After that we’ve listed a few of thing that we didn’t think worked so well (there are some clues above). Feel free to disagree. Unless you disagree about number 15, because then you’re just weird.


1 “No, I’ve Not Turned Good.” (“The Magician’s Apprentice”)


Lots of fans love Missy’s panto dame persona and it can be a lot of fun, but the madness needs to matched with more serious moments from time to time when she reminds you why she is the Doctor’s arch enemy. So when she starts randomly killing UNIT soldiers simply to prove to Clara that she has “not turned good” it’s a chillingly effective moment. We’d like to see more of these, please.


2 The Doctor Saying “Exterminate!” (“The Magician’s Apprentice”)


In fact, this is in recognition of all those scenes with the young Davros in the hand mine field, all of which were brilliantly conceived, shot and acted. But the cliffhanger to that episode, with the Twelfth Doctor holding a Dalek gun and shouting, “Exterminate” is one of the greatest images in the show’s 53 year history.


3 Missy Telling Tales (“The Witch’s Familiar”)


A wonderful piece of whimsy as Missy tells Clara (who’s hanging upside-down at the time, if you recall) a tale of Doctor derring-do and ingenuity. The part where Missy says, “Doesn’t matter which face he was wearing, they’re all the Doctor to me. So let’s give it to the eyebrows,” and we’re shown glimpses of Doctors one and four is a fan-pleasing masterstroke while the punchline – “He fell into a nest of vampire monkeys… But that’s another story!” – is deliciously silly.


4 The Davros Dialogues (“The Witch’s Familiar”)


The Doctor and Davros talk. A lot. And it’s riveting stuff. Two great actors acting brilliantly.


The Doctor’s prompt cards (“Under The Lake”)


A great insight into Clara and the Twelfth Doctor’s relationship. It’s a lovely hint of what’s to come – in a much bigger way – with Clara desperately trying to make him more of a “heroic”, caring Doctor again.

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