10 Things You Need To Know About Once Upon A Time Season 5 Part 2

The Underworld  had better look out! The Storybrooke crew is coming. Once Upon A Time’s mid-season finale ended with Emma, Regina, Henry, Rumple, Snow, David and Robin taking a trip on Charon’s boat across the Styx on a quest to resurrect Hook. Here’s there trailer for first episode when the show comes back after its winter break on 6 March (8 March on Netflix in the UK). There are a lot of familiar faces…

So what can we expect from second half of season five?

  1. The first episode back, “The Souls Of The Departed” is the 100th episode, and there are a lot of returning characters in it: Prince Henry (Tony Perez), Cora (Barbara Hershey), Sidney Glass (Giancarlo Esposito), The Blind Witch (Emma Caulfield) and Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) will be back
  2. Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit) and Milah (Rachel Shelley) will appear later in the season. Smurfit said at MCM Birmingham that she would be back in episode 101 as a nod to the novel and film from which the characters hails (101 Dalmations) but this has yet to be officially confirmed.
  3. The executive producers have said the show will introduce its first gay storyline, but the show will not make a big song and dance about it. “It’s not a big deal,” says Adam Horowitz. “It should just be a love story that is as exciting, emotional and heartfelt as any other love story.” “For us, we wanted to tell it no differently than we would with Robin and Regina or Snow and Charming,” adds Edward Kitsis. They’e not saying who forms the couple but our money’s on Mulan and Ruby (both confirmed as coming back at some point this half season). Let us know your theories in the comments below.
  4. We could be seeing a baby Belle bump… and we’re not on about cheese. Emilie de Ravin is pregnant in real life and in the mid season final there was a brief shot that suggested Belle and Gold had, erm, celebrated getting back together in style. “I would say it certainly looked like they re-consummated their marriage, so we’ll just have to wait and see…” teases Kitsis.
  5. The Underworld in the trailer looks like Storybrooke for a reason: the underworld is not hell, but a place for people with unfinished business. “The second half is a lot about them getting closure on their pasts and how the past comes to haunt you,” says Kitsis.
  6. Arthur, Merida, Guinevere and Hook’s brother Liam will be back.
  7. There will be a major plot arc for Zelena but she won’t be back immediately.
  8. Cora will explain the rules of the Underworld: what it means to be there, whether you can leave, how you can leave, where you go..
  9. Rumple, having absorbed the power of all the Dark Ones, will be more powerful and “possibly even a little wiser”.
  10. New characters include  Hercules (Jonathan Whitesell) and Meg (Hannibal’s Kacey Rohl) who will debut in the second episode of the second half of the season – “Labor of Love”. Hades will also pop up at some point, played by Greg Germann.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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